Rails en toebehoren

The construction of a G-track model train track is an art in itself. A nice job, but before you can start it is important that you have the right rails and accessories. How will your train track run and which rails and accessories do you need to be able to build it?

Big Train World has the right track and accessories for every G scale model train layout, such as:

  • Track; Straight, Curved, de-coupler, ec.
  • Switches & crossing
  • Signals & Samephores
  • Catenary and cogwheel track
  • Eletronic control

Track maintenance is important

It is especially important when you build a train in the garden that the rails are cleaned regularly. Particularly in the place where the rails connect to each other, at the so-called rail clamp, oxidation can occur due to dirt and moisture. As a result, there is an interruption in the power supply, causing the train to slow down. Ask Big Train World for advice.

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