What makes a model train track so much fun to work with? In addition to the moving train, this is the decoration or scenery: the landscape, the buildings and the many figures around the track. Who can’t enjoy a beautiful model train that drives through a varied landscape where is so much to see?

Landscape, buildings and figures for g-railPreiser_65369

The possibilities in the field of scenery are also enormous and diverse for G-track model trains. Big Train World has a large collection of scenery in stock from various well-known brands:

  • Over 160 different landscape elements, such as trees, shrubs, ground covers, water features, trellises, benches, birdhouses etc.
  • Large collection of buildings: from different stations, to stately villas, average residential houses, various shops, restaurants etc.
  • Selecion of different figures, including train passengers and drivers, but also people on bicycles, sitting on a bench, swimming in the water or at work.

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