Locomotive & cars

A model train consists of a combination of one or more locomotives with one or more passenger or freight cars. In our shop and onlineshop you can choose from many different types and brands of locomotives and wagons for your garden- or G track model railroad.


The locomotive is the engine of your large gauge model train and pulls or pushes the wagons over the rails. In everyday reality there is a distinction between steam, diesel and electric locomotives. This distinction also exists in the world of large-gauge model trains, but in fact all scale models are powered by an electric motor. Big Train World has a wide range of locomotives for large gauge model railways from various brands such as LGB, Piko G and Pola G. The LGB locomotives in particular are very suitable as garden trains.

Passenger carriages and freight cars:

The different carriages make a model train attractive to look at. At Big Train World you can choose from many different types of cars from various brands. We sell both new and used passenger cars and freight cars.

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